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PTR: The Roguelike is simple Roguelike game for Windows.
PTR: The Roguelike is simple Roguelike game for Windows.

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PTR: The Roguelike
Stable game
Developer Dawid Farbaniec
Theme Fantasy
Released Feb 27, 2017 ()
Updated ()
P. Language English
Platforms Windows
Game Length short
Official site of PTR: The Roguelike

PTR: The Roguelike is simple Roguelike game for Windows.

Supported operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1


[edit] Changelog

25-02-2017 - Added support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1

[edit] Description

The land Sigroth is surrounded by mountains. In the center of this land there is town, Glimmerfort. There are also more locations where live: humans, dwarves, elves, dark elves, orcs, trolls and nords. The land is in danger, because The Black Dragon was awakened from sleep. Only warrior with Primaeval Sword can kill the monster.

[edit] Download

Download from Microsoft Store (Windows 8.1+/Windows Phone 8.1+):

PTR: The Roguelike for Windows 8.1+/Phone 8.1+

Download for Windows Desktop (Windows older than 8.1):

PTR: The Roguelike for Windows Desktop

[edit] Features

  • Turn based fight system
  • Dialogs with NPCs
  • Selling ang buying items
  • Story ends when You kill the Black Dragon
  • 50 different monsters
  • 16 different locations
  • 30 different food and potions
  • 20 different armors
  • 45 different weapons

[edit] Screenshots




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