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Major Roguelike
Developer Laurence Brothers
Theme ??
Influences ??
Released late 1980s
Updated Jul 1994, (0.80.2)
Licensing GPL
P. Language C
Platforms DOS,Windows
Interface ??
Game Length Many hours
Official site of Omega


Omega was authored by Laurence Brothers in the late 1980s. It was the first roguelike with a large countryside and extended plot development.

Unfortunately, Omega is probably best remembered for its unusual inventory system, which annoyed many players and potential players with its "up in the air slot" which required multi-step management for the simple task of picking up an item and storing in your pack. In addition to involving additional keystrokes, many found it counter-intuitive. Although must be admitted that it is probably more realistic in a simulationist sense, it does not match well to the way we actually think about our actions.

Omega had multiple possible win conditions, something that has been remembered favorably and possibly influenced ADOM, which has several variant winning conditions.

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