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Angband Variant
Developer Jeff Greene and Diego Gonzalez (
Based on Angband 3.0.3
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Released (stable) 0.4.1, on 27th March, 2005

(unstable) 0.5.0 beta 2, on 26th February, 2007

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Download Official, Mirror

Official site

NPPAngband is a variant of Angband. It is an attempt to take the most popular ideas from the many Angband variants, as well as many of the popular patches, and bring them into the "vanilla" Angband environment, and rebalance the game to account for these changes. The end goal is to make variant that has an Angband flavor but incorporates many of the ideas and features made popular by other variants. It is an attempt to answer the hypothetical question: What would Angband look like if it was more aggressive about taking more ideas from the variants?

It includes store services and a random quest system (similar to EyAngband's), and the latest beta version contains a new terrain system (based on UnAngband) and a new monster AI.


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