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<i>Should we use this space to direct people to</i>
<i>Should we use this space to direct people to</i>
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Revision as of 21:59, 28 June 2005

In this area should be announced new game releases, new roguelike sites, ...

June 26th: Many new games released!

PAPAKI 0.6.5

Tower Of Doom 0.4.0

AngBand 3.0.6

GearHead 0.909 (often updated)

Guild 1.02

Dweller 0.7.8 (for mobile)

March 30th: Tower of Doom 0.3.0 released

A new version of the dark SF roguelike Tower of Doom is out! Get it here:

January 28th: RogueBasin reopens!

As you might have all noticed, the RogueBasin just re-opened! The aim is to have a central place, a point of focus, for all the roguelike players and developers.

Should we use this space to direct people to

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