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Netwhack is a roguelike game written in Java by Oliver Richman.

Beta Project
Developer Oliver Richman
Theme Fantasy
Influences NetHack
Released 24/06/1997
Updated 08/01/2006
Licensing Closed Source, Freeware
P. Language Java
Platforms Java
Interface ASCII, Emulated ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 15 minutes
Official site of Netwhack



Netwhack is under development, currently on Step 14 of How to Write a Roguelike in 15 Steps.

Originally I envisioned turning this game into a NetHack clone, but the way things are developing i'm veering off the mark a little right now. After the engine catches up with NetHack I may work on writing a more NetHack-compliant interface. Currently, it contains elements of ADOM in the inventory menu, and shop design is similar to Ultima 4-6.
I really hope you enjoy this game. I value your comments and suggestions, please send me email and let me know what you think!

Versions and platforms

Netwhack requires Sun Java 1.5 or higher. Get Java Now!

The latest release version is v. 0.5.4, dated January 8th 2006.

Boring Facts

o Netwhack simulates an old IBM PC's 80x25 screen, and even contains it's own 24bit colormap for 100% portability. . It always looks exactly the same on any system it runs on.
o Reccomended operating systems are Linux, Windows or Macintosh.
o Reccomended hardware: 500mhz Pentium Compatable or better. 512mb ram.
o Netwhack v0.5.4 is 90 kb in size and is comprised of only 4,000 lines of code.

Known Bugs in 0.5.4

o Screen problems on startup (rare) and after loading a saved game.
o Problems selling items you're wearing or wielding


The development of this game would not have been possible without the following people's assistance.
Mike Anderson - for "The Algorithm", and a great game to look up to (Tyrant)
Dr. Lowenthal - for the DDungeon algorithm (no longer used)
Jim Babcock - for the Cellular Automata method of generating cave-like levels
R.Alan Monroe - for the L-Cave algorithm
The Nethack Devteam - for the inspiration to write a roguelike game
Bjorn Bergstrom - for the roguelike development website he maintains. It's a great resource.

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