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* Give item - Makes PC to accept an item (e.g. loadstone, timed explosive or something else not so useful).
* Give item - Makes PC to accept an item (e.g. loadstone, timed explosive or something else not so useful).
* Encumber -- make Pc's carrying capacity smaller
* Encumber -- make Pc's carrying capacity smaller

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The content of your game is very important once you overcome the minor technical problems of writing the engine. ;) I'd say that a lerge number of interesting and distinct monster kinds makes for a very large part of a good roguelike game. And one of the most obvious things that differs the monsters are their special attacks and their effects.

The list is not supposed to be a list of all attack effects possible in a roguelike, nor a list of attack effects that every roguelike should have. It's supposed to serve as an inspiration for your own ideas.

  • Hit -- Just your standard 'substract an amount of hp' attack.
  • Wound -- Create a wound with long-term effect, ie. bleeding.
  • Push back -- The pc is pushed back by the force of attack.
  • Grab -- The pc can't move away from the monster.
  • Paralyze -- The pc can't do anything for several turns.
  • Sleep -- Like Paralyze, but it ends when pc is attacked.
  • Teleport -- The pc is teleported into random place.
  • Electric shock -- The attack ignores any metal armor.
  • Corrode -- Attack can damage metal armor.
  • Acid attack -- Attack can damage any armor.
  • Torch -- The pc is set on fire.
  • Fire attack -- Can damage scrolls/books/potions.
  • Fear -- The pc becomes afraid.
  • Confuse -- The pc moves around randomly.
  • Blind -- The pc becomes blind for some turns.
  • Steal -- The monsters takes an item from pc's inventory.
  • Pickpocket -- The monsters takes some gold from pc's inventory.
  • Sticky curse -- One piece of pc's equipment becomes sticky-cursed.
  • Disarm -- Makes pc drop his weapon.
  • Drain stat -- Lowers one of pc's statistics.
  • Permanent drain stat -- Lowers one of pc's statistics permanently.
  • Drain level -- Lowers pc's experience.
  • Silence -- The pc can't cast any spells for a number of turns.
  • Dispel -- Removes any magical effects from pc.
  • Energize -- Restores pc's mana.
  • Heal -- Restores pc's (and maybe other monster's) hp.
  • Trap -- Creates a trap.
  • Clone -- Creates a copy of the monster.
  • Mimic -- Makes the monster look/behave/have stats like the pc.
  • Amnesia -- Causes amnesia.
  • Steal spell -- Makes the pc forget one spell and gives it to the monster.
  • Summon -- Summons monsters.
  • Krezus curse -- Turns an item into gold.
  • Basilisk stare -- Turns an item/pc into rock.
  • Shoot -- Standard ranged attack.
  • Poison -- A stat of the pc decrease for some time.
  • Polymorph -- Targeted at other mosnters, changes their kind.
  • Teleport from -- Monster teleports away from the pc.
  • Teleport to -- Monster teleports to a sqare next to the pc.
  • Teleport to self -- The PC is teleported to a square beside the monster.
  • Darkness -- Makes the squares around pc dark.
  • Light -- Makes the squares around pc lit.
  • Earthquake -- Damages all creatures around.
  • Hunt -- The monster can attack another monster of specific kind and heal by killing it.
  • Aggravate -- Makes all the monsters around come here.
  • Stun -- Makes the pc unable to fight for the next turn.
  • Tumble down -- Makes the pc unable to walk for the next turn.
  • Idle -- No attack at all.
  • Suicide -- Kills the monster.
  • Armour-penetrating -- Like a normal attack, but bypasses (non-magical?) armour.
  • Madness -- Scares the target and drives it insane.
  • Disease -- Prevents health regeneration, possibly other effects too. Spreads by proximity.
  • Seduce -- Makes the pc take off his armor.
  • Charm -- Makes the pc unable to attack the monster.
  • Rise dead -- Creates zombies from monster corpses.
  • Make hungry -- Makes the pc hungrier.
  • Drain magic -- Decreases magical pluses, turns scrolls into empty scrolls, potions into potions of water.
  • Drain power -- Decreases pc's mana.
  • Switch places -- Switches places of pc and monster.
  • Slow -- the player isn't paralized but acts slower
  • good music -- increases the stats of all nearby friendly monsters
  • bad music -- damages and stuns the target. See sound attack :)
  • Curse -- inflicts the player with various curses that have negative effects but only lasts a short time
  • Time warp -- time clocks back at the point where the player entered the level
  • Phase out -- target disapears completly for a short time. No other adverse effects.
  • Throw buddy -- monster takes a smaller buddy and throws it at target. Both projectile and target takes damage
  • Fart bomb -- damages all creatures nearby every turn, for several turns.
  • Breathe fire -- damages monsters, say on 3 squares in a given direction.
  • Turn -- Turn the pc into a chicken (or something else) - he keeps his HP, but can't attack.
  • Wind - creates some kind of tornado that takes monsters and objects with it in some direction
  • Fly/levitate -- avoid terrain, or get out of reach of PC
  • Hide -- become difficult to see unless really close (chameleons?)
  • Divide -- split into two (distinct from summon/clone in that each half has half the power of the original)
  • Merge -- take two monsters and make a stronger one from them
  • Cooperate -- an attack that needs several monster to act at the same time
  • Animate -- raise weapons, armour, rocks, etc. to fight the target. Possibly their weapon, possibly whatever was lying around.
  • Whirlwind -- pick up items from the floor and move them around randomly, possibly hitting creatures in the way
  • Mutate -- The pc grows an additional organ that changes his abilities
  • Alter ground -- turns grass to rock, or poisoned river to clean river, or whatever.
  • Demi, Quart -- pc loses half or one-fourth of his current hp
  • Engluf -- pc is englufed or swallowed, so it can only fight one creature and cannot move. May be combined with Condemn to simulate digestion.
  • Condemn -- Put's a timer on the PC. When it expires the PC dies. This timer could either be dispelled or canceled when the monster dies.
  • Nexus - Swaps around PCs stats
  • Swizzle - Swap the PC's HP and mana totals
  • BSoD - Crash the computer the game is running on (portability issues here)
  • Disorient - Paint the screen upside down (this one could be great)
  • Teleport level -- pc is teleported to another level
  • Balefire -- Kills target and undoes the target's last N moves.
  • Posess -- Allow the monster to possess the player for N turns. During this time the PC would be computer controlled and attack the enemies of the possessing monster.
  • Soul Steal - Steal the PC's soul, making the gods ignore his praying.
  • Scatter equipment - Makes PC's equipment (some if not all) to be thrown around.
  • Sacrifice - If PC stands on an altar, sacrifice. Like in adom.
  • Give item - Makes PC to accept an item (e.g. loadstone, timed explosive or something else not so useful).
  • Encumber -- make Pc's carrying capacity smaller
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