Menace of the Mines

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|name = Menace of the Mines
|name = Menace of the Mines
|developer = Krzysz00
|developer = Krzysz00

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Menace of the Mines
Defunct Game
Developer Krzysz00
Theme Fantasy
Influences Nethack
Released Mar 28th, 2010 (v0.1)
Updated Jul 25, 2010 (v0.5)
Licensing Open Source, GPLv3
P. Language Common Lisp
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Menace of the Mines

Menace of the Mines is a fast-paced, open-source (GPL) roguelike written in Common Lisp that has tons of monsters, many different classes and races and a unique magic system. (Well, that's the goal). The game is under active development and runs on Windows and Linux. The game is available from . However, the goal about halfway accomplished, which is why we need your help testing the game and hurling suggestions. (info on the website)

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