Lords of DarkHall

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Note: The game is no longer in development, and I have since removed the website.

Lords of DarkHall is a hack and slash type roguelike set in the ruins of DarkHall Manor. Influenced primarily by Nethack, as well as Crawl and ZAngband, DarkHall provides a persistant, yet randomized world, where players descend deep into the ruins collecting treasure and slaying monsters - your basic hack and slash fantasy quest. DarkHall differentiates its self with some lesser used features in a roguelike, such as a skill tree, free form classes, and nary an elf or dwarf in sight. In addition, special, non randomized levels appear in the game.

Considered essentially finished, LoD provided the author with valuable experience for his next roguelike project, Solstice.

Darkhall is distributed free of charge, with only the stipulation that the game .EXE remains unedited (users are free to alter the configurable monster and item definitions.)

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