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(Platforms and versions: Grammar and spelling cleanup. v12.2 isn't really the last original Larn available. the reason why Larn isn't developed is because it's original author is deceased, btw.)
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* [ iLarn Homepage] - Palm OS port of Ularn
* [ iLarn Homepage] - Palm OS port of Ularn
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[[Category:Major games]] [[Category:Stable games]]
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Larn was first released in 1986 by Noah Morgan.



Larn was the first roguelike game to feature multiple dungeons with a sort of surface world (in this case, a town) to connect them. The town, which never changed from one game to the next, featured shops to exchange items, schools to improve skills, and a bank to store valuables. The dungeon had branch offices of the town's bank. Larn also featured a time-limited quest.


Ularn — or "Ultra-Larn" — is a descendant of Larn. Created by Phil Cordier in 1992, it added new features, like character classes.

Platforms and versions

Development of Larn is discontinued, though access to the original source code is available. The last version for Larn is v12.2 for source code, last updated July 27, 1986. An MS-DOS executable for v12.3 exists.

Ularn v1.6, released in 2004, is avalaible for Windows and Amiga. Source is available for other systems (v1.5 is known to compile for various UNIX systems).

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