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Open weird wild west fantasy cowboy RL
Open Fantasy Western Roguelike
==== Overview ====
==== Overview ====

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Land of Strangers
Alpha Project
Developer Aging Minotaur
Theme Wild West, Weird West, Alternate Reality
Influences Abura Tan, GearHead, Caves of Qud, ADOM, Hoplite, PrincessRL, Ultima Ratio Regum,
Released April 2nd, 2013
Updated 4 May, 2017 (v.11)
Licensing GPL
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Graphical display, Keyboard
Game Length n/a
Official site of Land of Strangers

Open Fantasy Western Roguelike


Land of Strangers (LoSt) is a loosely Wild West-themed game set in an alternate reality. Development is still at an early stage, with no real "game" to speak of yet. LoSt is open source, written in Python and packed for Windows and Linux. The game can be downloaded from the project's blog at

Current features include:

  • Turnbased tactics on a hexagonal grid
  • "Intuitive" controls
  • Randomized animal and plant species
  • Seamless overworld
  • Unusual rules for combat, wounds, and time
  • Starting careers, perks and skills
  • NPC interactions: shops, simplified chatting and bounty hunting
  • Map interactions: dig and demolish, put out barbwire, blow stuff to smithereens
  • Configurable, extendible with modules
  • Slowly expanding weird west-setting, inhabited by strange animals, mudfaced goons, sandcroppers, wheelin' judges and more
  • Upcoming releases will feature a starting settlement with bounties to collect, including a system for character/skill advancement


The setting of LoSt is only loosely based on historical Panamerica, inspired also by cinema (from Kurosowa to Jodorowsky) and tv (from Carnivale to Peter Brooks' Mahabarata), as well as Indigenous cultures of the Americas and elsewhere. Throw in some stray sources, like Deadlands RPG, The Place of Dead Roads, The Return of Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls, Krazy Kat, Mark of the Mole, and Heart of Darkness, to mention a few.

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