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Alpha Project
Developer kosmikus (Andres Löh), others
Theme Nerdy
Influences Hack, Rogue, Angband
Released Apr 12, 2008
Updated September 18, 2011
Licensing BSD3 (Free Software)
P. Language Haskell
Platforms Linux, OSX, Windows
Interface Keyboard, ASCII (GTK or Terminal)
Game Length ~ .5 hour
Official site of LambdaHack

This is an alpha release of LambdaHack, a roguelike game engine packaged together with a small example roguelike game (not yet well separated, this is one of future work directions, others are, e.g., improving the AI monad DSL, so that the rules for synthesising monster behaviour from game content are more readable and easier to debug). Another game using this engine is Allure of the Stars.

Compiled using the cabal tool: Hackage page.