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Alpha Project
Developer Quendus
Theme Claustrophobia
Influences Crawl, Angband, DoomRL, TreasuRL
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Licensing Open source
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Interface ASCII, keyboard
Game Length short
Official site of KleinRL

KleinRL will be a 14DRL (having failed to be a 7DRL) by Quendus. It should be released on the 24th of October 2010. KleinRL is set on the surface of a Klein bottle, and has maze-like geography instead of rooms. Several of the actors in the game can pick up pieces of the wall and put them down again. The objectives might be randomised, and will include:

  • not getting killed by the 2 relentless pursuers who start with better equipment than the player (in a map that's small even for a roguelike)
  • possibly:
    • tracking down and defeating an extreme coward
    • preventing an extreme coward from getting eaten by a relentless pursuer

Inventories will be even smaller than in Angband (10 slots+equips), most items will be quite powerful, and enemies will use any nice items that they find discarded (no free destruction of objects). Features implemented:

  • Correct display of the player's locale
  • Map generation
  • Movement, timing
  • Moving pieces of wall around
  • AI for movement
  • Combat system (will need balancing)
  • System of daemons to manage temporary effects
  • Some magic items/effects (a lot more to come)

Features not yet implemented:

  • Line of sight
  • multiple ring slots
  • AI for object management
  • non-stupid AI movement
  • Memory of previously seen tiles (may remain unimplemented to maximise confusion, since the map is fluid anyway)

download most recent release

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