Kitty Underground

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Kitty Underground
Defunct Game
Developer Bradley Johnstone, Benjamin Penney, John Sherwood and James Wakefield
Theme Fantasy
Released 2002 Aug 17 (Abacus)
Updated 2002 Dec 13 (Abbey)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language
Platforms DOS, Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length technical demo
[There is no Official site of Kitty Underground]

In this game player could choose to be one of several animals including a cat, a turtle and a spider. A dungeon was generated which featured doors, no creatures, half-working altars and some colored walls which purpose was known to nobody but the authors. Abbey was last version released. Previous were named Abattoir, Abandon, Abalone, Abacus. There were unreleased versions Aardwolf, Aardvark, Aa and A before.

Official site has disappeared long ago. The game probably has been abandoned because it didn't cause as much interest as authors hoped for. From release notes:

   The reward for creating such a roguelike game does not involve any 
   lump sum of cash. Instead, a roguelike's major draw to authorship 
   is the astonishing fame that results. Simply put, geeks love fame. 
   We are geeks, and we seek fame. Therefore, we are writing a 
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