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Beta Project
Developer Malcontent
Theme Fantasy, Greek
Influences Rogue, Sword of Fargoal
Released TBA
Updated 9-12-2012
Licensing Closed source until release.
P. Language 6502, Machine Language
Platforms Commodore 64
Interface PETCII, Tiles
Game Length 20 floors
Official site of Katabatia



Katabatia is a classic style roguelike for Commodore 64. It is currently under development for the Retro Gaming Computer Development (RGCD) 16k Cartridge Compo. The rules state that the game must fit within the cartridge, but that compression is allowed. Ultimately the game code itself will be larger than 16k.


  • Three classes, with four gods to worship. Sacrifice gold to improve a deity-specific stat.
  • Full joystick control, using menus for inventory interaction, etc.
  • Spells, Potions, and special weapons and armor.
  • Pour potions over equipment to change their magical abilities.
  • Switch between animated, graphical tiles, or static text-mode graphics.
  • Killer SID soundtrack


Joystick control is limited to 4 directions. I could have used 8, but it would have required tying up the button to ensure diagonal movement was detected before a single direction. With only one button to work with, you must hold the button to enter the menu. A button tap causes a turn to pass. The game does not delete saves on death (which is impossible to do on a tape drive, without the user rewinding to the beginning of the file), but it does count how many times a game has been loaded, so it will know when someone has beaten the game in one sitting.

Current State of Development

The game is nearing completion. The most recent preview is a little old now, with the character unable even to wear weapons or armor. Inventory stuff is all done at this point.

Latest preview: http://noname.c64.org/csdb/release/?id=110628

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