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An Item is an object existant inside a roguelike world, which has one or more uses triggered by the smart characters actions.

Classic Roguelike Theme Categories

The item categories are closely related to the game theme, and serve different functionalities. The following are some empiric categories based on the classic roguelike theme:

  • Potions

Symbolizes a liquid that can be drunk, normally only once, provoking special effects on the entity that drank from it; in this aspect, it is similar to the scroll, but its effects are commonly more direct on the performer.

Some games allow different uses of potions, including throwing them to cause different kinds of damage or special effects on the world, like explotions and gas spread.

Also, the alchemy skill or its equivalent may allow a character to generate potions with different effects based on other items and/or recipes that can be found inside the game.

  • Scrolls

Denotes an item that contains a magic effect. Uppon reading the scroll an effect in the reader or the world around him is invoked and it commonly disappears after its first (or more) uses.

  • Weapons and Armor
  • Jewelry

Most common items belonging to jewelry catergory are rings and amulets. They may modify character's attributes, grant various powers, special ability or resistance. Also they can allow magical power or spell to be activated. Some these items have been known to contain souls or creatures within.

Main difference between amulets and rings is that former often are better and more valuable but sometimes they offer different advantages.

  • Wands

A wand is a kind of item that invokes certain power which is commonly unknown at first place, the wands have a limited number of charges or uses, and can be recharged using other actions.

  • Staffs

A long Pole-like weapon with no cutting edge, often appear in games as magic staves, similar in function to wands, though often possessing more than ability and often being inexhustable.

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