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Alpha Project
Developer Nathan Daniels
Influences Nethack
Released Sep 03, 2000 (1.0.1)
Updated July 28, 2009 (2.1.4)
Licensing GPL
P. Language C++
Platforms Currently *nix
Interface Plugin based
Game Length
[ Official site of Interhack]

What are you looking for? Rabbits? Or something Bigger?

Requirements: glibmm - selected as it has been ported to Unix/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

11,372 lines of C++ and growing fast...

Interhack is a fully turn based, multiplayer roguelike game. There is no real time movement. There is no Sureal Time. It uses a core game engine with plugins, allowing others to develop custom plugins. This also allows each server running Interhack to have custom plugins the player does not know about.

Interhack currently supports the following plugins:

  • Interfaces: ansi (working), gtkmm (partial), curses (basic)
  • Magic: basic attack, healing, digging, identify, magic mapping, teleport, speed, confusion, wishing
  • Objects: gold, potions, scrolls, spellbooks, wands, rings (basic)
  • Monsters: gridbugs, rodents
  • MonsterAI: bot, gridbug
  • Players: wizard, bot
  • Levels: normal, cavern, maze
  • Rooms: simple
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