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* [[Watabou]]
* [[Watabou]]
* [[User:UltimaRatioRegum | Mark Johnson]] - Something on procedural graphics
* [[User:UltimaRatioRegum | Mark Johnson]] - Something on procedural graphics
* [[User:sheep|Radomir Dopieralski]]

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The International Roguelike Development Conference 2014. A unique opportunity for roguelike developers and enthusiasts to network and discuss their genre in depth. Attendance is free and open to all. Sign up on EventBrite if you plan to attend.

usenet thread:!topic/



Ido is organising IRDC 2014 in Berlin, Germany, on 9-11 May 2014.


As someone asked to vote on the date for the next IRDC in Berlin, please mark your availability in this form:

The date chosen is 9-11 May 2014.


Registration is not necessary, but it helps to know how many people will come. You can register at and/or enter your details below.

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