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(How we get there and back and where to meet up)
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* [[User:fdreger|Filip Dreger]]
* [[User:fdreger|Filip Dreger]]
* [[User:Mario Donick|Mario Donick]] (mario.donick (at) live (dot) de)
* [[User:Mario Donick|Mario Donick]] (mario.donick (at) live (dot) de)
* [[User:jaydg|Joachim de Groot]]
=== Talks ===
=== Talks ===

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Time:  April 30th-May 1st, 2011
Chat:  IRC: QuakeNet #rgrd


IRDC Visby 2011

Full Name:  IRDC Europe - Visby 2011
Place: Visby, Sweden
Venue: Gotland University
Venue Contact: Jakob Berglund



  • Happy Pony Land: I'll probably talk a bit about my FOV routine
  • Mario Donick: Culture and Roguelikes


Visby is on the island of Gotland, so you need to either fly or take a ferry there from the mainland.




  • Camcorder: Jeff Lait
  • Tripod: Happy Pony Land (unless someone has one on site?)
  • Food:

How we get there and back and where to meet up

  • Happy Pony Land: I'll be in Stockholm on friday (I don't live far away) so I'll be able to meet up with anyone else arriving that day. I'll take the ferry from Nyn????shamn but I haven't decided if it will be on friday or if I wait until saturday morning. I'll be returning from Visby on monday.
  • Mario Donick: I would first take a ferry from Rostock (Germany) to Trelleborg (Sweden), from there with a train or bus (?) to Oskarshamm and with the ferry to Visby. Would take at least 11 hours. Perhaps I'll fly, then. My goal is to be awake and present at April 30th at the meeting place in the University.
  • Jeff Lait: I will be flying into Stockholm on Thursday, and meet up with people on Friday. I plan on taking the ferry to Visby on the Friday, and return to Stockholm on the Monday. Whereupon I fly back on the Tuesday.
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