Heroic Adventure!

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Heroic Adventure!

"In ages past, before the rise of modern man and all his technological miracles... There existed a world of magic and wonder. A place where mighty sorcerors and noble warriors walked the lands in search of adventure. With these adventures, many battles were fought. Good clashed with Evil, and great kingdoms on both sides trembled and fell only to be rebuilt anew. But one day a great evil rose and all the kingdoms of the land fell to darkness... Ancient prophecies foretold the fall, but the world of man was not without hope. The prophecy spoke of a hero. A child born unto the world with a curious mark on his person, possessed of great courage, would one day rise to overthrow the dark lord. But the dark lord was not afraid. Twice a year, he sent out his inquisitors to every kingdom with orders to inspect all the newborn children, and return with any who bore a mark. For 300 years, the dark lord has ruled the land unchallenged... "

Heroic Adventure! (HA!) is a roguelike that's been slowly taking form over the last year or so by its maintainer, Chris Williams. Judging by its current track of development, it appears to be somewhat ADOM-influenced. It is (being) written in VB(dot)NET.

Website: http://www.heroicadventure.com

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