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Hajo runs his own wiki over at http://h-world.simugraph.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php and is creator of the awesome graphical 2D/Isometric RL/RPG engine H-World - he is German and awesomly helpful, friendly and a terrific coder. He has recently made H-World a source forge project on which Hajo, Sheep and ABCGi are members (8/5/2005).

Here is what Hajo says about himself on his home site (8/5/2005);

Hansjörg Malthaner

This is me, with my tomcat 'Grizzly':

<img src="../common/grizzly_hajo.jpg" border=2 width=400 height=300 alt="An image of me">

My name is Hansjörg Malthaner. I'm living in Stuttgart, Germany. I've studied computer science at the University of Stuttgart. Currently I'm working as a systems engineer for an IT company.

I'm very interested in object oriented software design, (computer) graphics and game development. As a result of this, I created a painting program and a tool for some rudimentary skeletal animations. I've also create an own raycasting engine, just to discover that over 400 people around the world already did the same. But my raycasting engine compares well, at least in it's class (Doom-style engines). At the moment I try to create some games, a <a href="http://www.simutrans.de"> transport simulation</a> in C++, <a href="http://h-world.simugraph.com"> a role playing games engine</a>, also done in C++, and some Java applets of some small games.

If I'm not programming anything, I like to read science fiction novels, to practise <a href="gallery.html">painting</a> or to work in the <a href="aboutme/garden.html">garden</a>.

The old guestbook doesn't work anymore, but if you want to leave a message you can visit the <a href="http://www.simugraph.com/forum/"> feedback forum</a>.