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== About the Review ==
== About the Review ==
The game played was The Jungle module of H-World 0.2.2.
The game played was The Jungle module of [[H-World]] 0.2.2.
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==

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[edit] About the Review

The game played was The Jungle module of H-World 0.2.2.

[edit] Synopsis

I played The Jungle for the first time, and managed to ascend. Thus:

YAAP: H-World/The Jungle 0.2.2

I killed the Skeleton Captain by first taking out his minions one at a time & healing, then, using the Shattering Light War Hammer one of his minions dropped, charged him.


Shattering light war hammer, +19 impact!! Lantern Steel Helm Traders bag. Containing a backpack and a chest. The chest containing yet another chest. And my hinderance was 21 :> Bronze Amulet Battlesome Torso Plate (+1 hp) Glowing Sheild (+1 light) Expedition Belt Leather Pants Leather Boots

Score: 5252

As the skills were recently added, I'll list those. Hopefully this will help with balancing the distribution property.

[edit] Cool Things

Bump doorposts to close doors is clever! I'm all for reducing as many actions as possible into bumps.

I like the barter based trade! I found myself carrying a chest of torches in order to be always able to make exact change, though :> Maybe if it didn't give you the exact numbers of what they think it is worth? Way too little, almost enough, too much, etc. And the items also thus said: "Estimated value: Little, Expensive, Kings Ransom"? As a min-maxer, it just hurts to see the 15 gold I lose as I didn't have enough torches :>

I like the instant-pop-up on mouse hover. I also like the fun item descriptions!

[edit] Drawbacks

The problems found in this review have since been fixed.

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