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{{game-alpha| name = Grid
{{game-stable| name = Grid
|developer = Andrew Wright (aka roocey)
|developer = Andrew Wright (aka roocey)
|theme = [[List of roguelikes by theme#Science_Fiction|Science Fiction]]
|theme = [[List of roguelikes by theme#Science_Fiction|Science Fiction]]

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Stable game
Developer Andrew Wright (aka roocey)
Theme Science Fiction
Influences Brogue, The Binding of Isaac, and the Slimy Lichmummy
Released 1.0a - January 14th, 2015 ({{{relver}}})
Updated 1.0c - January 14th, 2015 ({{{updver}}})
P. Language Python 2.7
Platforms Windows
Interface Primarily keyboard
Game Length 20-40 minutes
Official site of Grid

Grid is designed to be an intuitive Roguelike with a theme inspired heavily by the Matrix, TRON, and general Science Fiction & Cyberpunk.


  • Combo system
  • Limited menu juggling
  • A simple progression that offers interesting choices
  • Three classes each with a passive ability that alters gameplay significantly
  • Durability, forcing the player to constantly scavenge and learn new gear
  • Seven floors with eleven different enemy types, along with eight challenge modes

Planned features:

  • A redesigned final boss
  • A few more bosses throughout the game
  • Alternate floors
  • More challenge modes, classes, and abilities
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