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GearHead is one of the biggest roguelikes, and approaches to become one of the major ones if it's not already. In GearHead you can select from a lot of futuristic jobs and skills, including mecha pilot, medic, ...

Its creator and maintainer is Joseph Hewitt, a FreePascal guru ;).


  • quests are Randomly generated, based on predefined scripts the number of which is constantly increasing.
  • skills are increased both by successfully using them or "buying" them in exchange for XP obtained by completing quests and slaying foes.
  • extensive mecha design system, allowing in-game modification of existing models.
  • two spatial scales: personal (on foot), in which the default movement uses the standard coordinate convention, and mecha which uses a "turtle" system in which you must turn and advance.
  • the global plot consists of a number of smaller subplots, which are randomly generated every time.
  • very open structure: All objects\plots\monsters are stored in plain text files, so it's quite easy to add\modify content.


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