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GearHead is one of the biggest roguelikes, and approaches to become one of the major ones if it's not already. In GearHead you can select from a lot of futuristic jobs and skills, including mecha pilot, medic, ...

Some of its main features are:

  1. Quests are Randomly generated, based on predefined scripts the number of which is constantly increasing.
  2. Skills are increased both by successfully using them or "buying" them in exchange for XP obtained by completing quests and slaying foes.
  3. Extensive mecha design system, allowing in-game modification of existing models.
  4. Two spatial scales: personal (on foot), in which the default movement uses the standard coordinate convention, and mecha which uses a "turtle" system in which you must turn and advance.
  5. The global plot consists of a number of smaller subplots, which are *Randomly generated* every time.
  6. Very open structure: All objects\plots\monsters are stored in plain text files, so it's quite easy to add\modify content.

Project webpage:

GearHead has an active discussion\development group at

Its creator and maintainer is Joseph Hewitt, a FreePascal guru ;).

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