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== Related Links ==
== Related Links ==
[ Labyrinth of Reptoran Homepage]
[ Labyrinth of Reptoran Homepage]

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Jared Brayshaw
Alias Gamer_2k4
Projects World of Rogue
Games Labyrinth of Reptoran, Magic Monsters
Nationality United States
P. Languages C++, Java
Official site of Jared Brayshaw



Gamer_2k4 is the screen name of Jared Brayshaw, who is currently working on the Labyrinth of Reptoran. He is an avid programmer, and is studying software engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He frequently posts to r.g.r.d.

Completed Games

Current Projects

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Contact Details

The same email address is used for both GoogleTalk and MSN Messenger.

Related Links

Labyrinth of Reptoran Homepage

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