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== Free Pascal roguelike developers ==
== Free Pascal roguelike developers ==
* [[Mario Donick]]
* [[User:Mario Donick|Mario Donick]]
* [[Joseph Hewitt]]
* [[Joseph Hewitt]]
* [[Kornel Kisielewicz]]
* [[Kornel Kisielewicz]]

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Although none of the major roguelikes was written in Pascal, quite a few of the recently developed roguelikes were made in an open-source implementation of that language called Free Pascal.

A very modern implementation of the Pascal language. It is a very portable language, being available for processors Intel x86, Amd64/x86 64, PowerPC, Sparc and Motorola 680x0; and the following operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, MacOSX/Darwin, MacOS classic, DOS, Win32, OS/2, BeOS, SunOS, QNX, Classic Amiga. It is a 32/64 bit compiler. It is quite compatible with Borland Pascal and strives to be compatible with Delphi (thanks to the Lazarus Project). It has several enhancements over classical Pascal, as for example:

  • Function and procedure overloading
  • Operator overloading
  • Classes
  • Java-like interfaces
  • Exceptions
  • Properties

Roguelikes in Free Pascal

This is a list of the most well-known roguelike projects developed in Free Pascal:

Free Pascal roguelike developers

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