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This is an index into the various sites that provide tiles suitable for roguelike development. Some tilesets are designed to work with specific roguelike games.

When adding links, please make note of:

  • The license for using the tilesets,
  • Any games that the tilesets are designed specifically for,
  • The size & style of the tiles.

These links are all external, as it isn't really the place of RogueBasin to be hosting tilesets any more than it should be hosting roguelikes.

  • The RLTiles - Public domain with a request for attribution. A large collection of 32x32 orthographic tiles. Tilesets for NetHack and Crawl. Several 64x64 isometric tiles.
  • Reiner's Tilesets - Freeware with attribution. Large isometric tiles and animated sprites.
  • (to be added) - Adam Bolt tiles. These are the 16x16 tiles for Angband. Redistribution and use, for any purpose, with or without modification, is permitted. [1]
  • The Sheep Graphics: Public-domain sprite graphics and sprite construction kits at The Sheep's Page
  • Inquisitor world tileset : Tiles from Inquisitor, that can be used freely - RPG Palace
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