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=== Item and Creature modding ===
=== Item and Creature modding ===
== Medals ==

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Fall From Heaven the Roguelike
Alpha Project
Developer Jolly Roger
Theme Fantasy
Released 2010 Jun 15
Updated 2010 Sept 07 (0.0.4c)
Licensing Closed Source, Freeware
P. Language Delphi
Platforms Windows
Game Length
[ Official site of Fall From Heaven the Roguelike]

Author has announced this to be part of the 2010 ARRP lineup.



Link to v. 0.0.4c1

Link to v. 0.0.4c


Fall From Heaven the roguelike based on dark fantasy mod for Civilization IV, Fall From Heaven.

It is still on early stage of developments, so there isn`t lot of things from FFH universe, even It has not got Its own shape, so It is one more wannabe roguelike.
Weapons, weight, money etc needs balancing. Ranged weapons and magic had been turned off from this release, because of lurking bugs.


  • bodypart system. Creatures have hands, legs, heads e.t.c. Damaging them cause different results. (Internal organs planed in future versions).
  • Closed source, but free mod. Game is planed to be easily moded without changing the source code.
  • Unstable mana. Spellcaster doesn’t use his own mana reserves, but focus existing raw power.
  • Mana affinity. Erebus is highly magical world, you would be affected by mana, even if you are magicless fighter.


FFH using directX, so it works only with windows, as you can understand.

Game would automatically detect resolution and sprite size. If you wouldn't be satisfied by results, you can set it manually in config.cfg file.

Resolution configuration looks this way:

Sprite config is a bit more come complicate, but allow you to tweak game screen as you like.
It looks like this
For example, If you set resolution to 1024x768 and sprite size to 26x28, you would have:
1024/26 = 39 sprites on X line and 768x26 = 27 on Y.
Smaller sprite size would give bigger screen and so on, combine and find most comfortable combination.

How to Play


Font changing

You can change font, used in the game.

Open Config.cfg file and put the name of new font here: FONT:Graph\font_Default.bmp;

Also, change size of single symbol in pixels.

Sprite size auto-detection

Check files X_TABLE.txt and Y_TABLE.txt in
folder Graph\ you will see there something like this:
Game checks number in RES line, if current resolution higher then this number, game reads next line, if not, game uses last selected size (default 10).
When game meets SIZE line, it sets this number as last selected size. It looks easy and allows setting sprite size for almost every resolution.

New sprites

Every used sprite has its own name in the game.
For example we have bmp file in Graph\ folder named Sprites.bmp.
In folder Res\Graph\ we have file Sprites.txt. This file holds description for every sprite used in the game, It looks like this:



FILE – means filename of bmp file in graph\ folder. SIZE_X and SIZE_Y, as you can understand, size of single sprite in pixels. Then follows lines when we link name and sprite. [SWORD_BIG][1][3]
SWORD_BIG is name of sprite, I think, it must be some sword or something like this, and numbers 1 and 3 means it absolute coordinates in the grid of sprites in file. (Note first number is 1, not 0).
So, then, when we linked name to special part in bmp file, we can use it in item or creature description.

Item and Creature modding



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