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|influences = NetHack,<br> Art of ''[[Legend of Zelda]]''
|influences = NetHack,<br> Art of ''[[Legend of Zelda]]''
|released = 1999
|released = 1999
|updated = 2009 Jul 19 (v 2.7.4)
|updated = 2010 Aug 06 (v 2.8.0)
|licensing = [[Open source]]
|licensing = [[Open source]]
|language = [[C]]
|language = [[C]]

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Beta Project
Developer Aaron & Ben Bishop
Theme Fantasy
Influences NetHack,
Art of Legend of Zelda
Released 1999
Updated 2010 Aug 06 (v 2.8.0)
Licensing Open source
P. Language C
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface 3D, keyboard, mouse
Game Length
Official site of Egoboo

Egoboo gathers its inspiration from the Roguelike genre of games. However, unlike Roguelikes, Egoboo uses 3D graphics and is played in realtime.


Egoboo is a game set in the realm of Bishopia. King Bishop, the lord of the realm, has been kidnapped. It is your task to find his location by gathering the Sporks of Power. "If you think that sounds a little bit silly, you're right, it does, and we like it that way."


  • Full 3D, with SDL and OpenGL
  • No Permadeath
  • Predesigned maps
  • Fixed characters (Often associated with specific maps)


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