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Beta Project
Developer Team Dungeonmans
Theme Crush Monsters, Get Loots
Released 15 April 10
P. Language English
Platforms PC
Interface Graphical
Game Length
Official site of Dungeonmans


Dungeonmans is a graphical roguelike with a strong focus on action, tactical movement and monster crushing. While the game's official release is Alpha 3, it meets Roguebasin's standards for a Beta as it is fun and playable assuming you can handle some rough corners.

Dungeonmans Gameplay

Currently Dungeonmans allows you to pick from two working character classes and a number of background traits to define your adventurer. The overworld is randomly generated, but there's always a town nearby and the town always has some degree of monster problem. There are shops from which to buy things, books to read, quests to pick up, and town guards to push around. When you are ready you can head off to the nearby Dungeon to get to crushing.

Each time your hero levels up you earn a point to be put in one of the many Masteries the game offers. These make you better with a specific class of weapon, as well as open up special powers to use with that weapon. These powers often involve area attacks and fast movement, things which are traditionally limited to casters in most roguelikes.

There is not yet a win condition, though there is plenty of dungeon adventure to be had. Newer and stronger monsters populate the lower floors, and the loots get better as well. The Dungeonmans community continues to grow, and with every game played more feedback is collected, feedback which is used to evolve the game in a direction its players would enjoy.

Dungeonmans Theme

Dungeonmans has a focus on lighthearted setting with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor. The gameplay is serious, the game world is not. Accessibility is also a primary goal for the game. The roguelike genre is full of fantastic games that are deemed unapproachable by people who are afraid of ascii graphics and complex command schemes. Dungeonmans has a gentler learning curve than most roguelikes while still holding true to the virtues of permadeath and a dangerous, unpredictable dungeon.

Some Media


There's lots of screens at the game's website, http://www.dungeonmans.com

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QTUF5CnzWA The official trailer for Dungeonmans Alpha 3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCPgo0ImrBE An example of Sword Style attacks in action.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqL4G7nV4mc Overworld Generation using a modified Voronoi diagram. Note this was pulled from Alpha 3 at the last minute as it just wasn't looking / running right.

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