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Developer Adam Gatt
Theme Fantasy / Indirect gameplay
Released 2009
Updated 2009
Licensing New BSD License (Open Source)
P. Language C++
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 5-30 minutes
Official site of DungeonMinder

DungeonMinder is a coffeebreak roguelike

DungeonMinder is a 7DRL that was successfully completed in the 7DRL Contest 2009.


DungeonMinder is a game about a being small invisible fairy tasked with keeping an adventurer alive. Accompany the heroic '@' as he explores the dungeon! Watch as he stupidly picks fights with monsters far stronger than him! Subtly influence the resulting brawl to keep him alive long enough to reach the stairs! Don't ever expect to be thanked for your good plans and hard work.


  • An AI controls the hero, fighting monsters, finding treasure and enjoying victories
  • Indirect gameplay, with many ways to help the hero win or avoid fights
  • 5 levels with varied and increasingly hard monsters
  • 3-element mana system, with 9 spells to cast
  • Boss fight, chosen randomly from three possibilities
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