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The Doryen Library is the function library built for the chronicles of doryen.

It is an uncomplicated library for roguelike developers.

Features :

   * windowed or full screen console with true color support
   * support for custom character sets using bitmap fonts
   * Mersenne twister random number generator 
   * Bresenham line drawing toolkit
   * Perlin noise generator
   * field of view toolkit 
   * image toolkit with support for rotation/stretching 
   * support for turn by turn and real time games
   * mouse support
   * advanced configuration file parser
   * fast generic container with array/list/stack interfaces
   * bsp toolkit
   * heightmap toolkit
   * pathfinding toolkit
   * compression toolkit
   * antialiased font support
   * custom/dynamic font characters mapping
   * PNG images support

It currently has bindings for C, Cpp and python languages.

A binding exists for C# through Libtcod-net.



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