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A relatively "light" roguelike, based on the world of Doom created by iD software.

DoomRL is written by Kornel Kisielewicz.

DoomRL follows the relatively new idea of a Coffeebreak roguelike - it is intended to be simple, fast and furious. Something that you can play from time to time without much need to concentrate.

There are several simplifications - there is only one main "dungeon" (but with several optional special levels), inventory size is limited, there are only three equipment slots, there can be only one item per level quare, and finally the levels are all screen-sized.

DoomRL version 0.9.8 introduced something novel into the roguelike genre - full modern sound support (using features like stereo and distance effects) and music - both taken from the original Doom by iD.

DoomRL could be considered a Hacklike variant.

Main page is here:DoomRl

Old Screenshot:


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