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{{game-stable| name = Domain Country |developer = David Kinney |theme = Educational |influences = Rogue |released = Aug 19 2000 |updated = Apr 20 2009 |licensing = |language = English, French, Swedish |platforms = DOS, [[Windows] |interface = ASCII, Keyboard |length = 20 minutes or so |site =


Domain Country is a game that runs in DOS or Windows. It will help you learn the top level domains (ccTLDs) promulgated by ICANN.

In Domain Country, the letters represent people from various countries. And you move your happy face through the darkened corridors of the World Internet Building by candlelight in an attempt to contact people, so you can learn their domain codes. There are only 25 domain codes in each game, one for each letter of the alphabet - except X. The game features an ASCII world map, random speech patterns, and might quiz you periodically.

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