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[[Category:Beta projects]] [[Category:Coffeebreak roguelikes]]
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DiabloRL is a remake of Blizzard's Diablo, the 7DRL Contest entry by Kornel Kisielewicz.



DiabloRL is a relatively simple (as for a roguelike) attempt to mimic the game Diablo by Blizzard in the roguelike fashion and might be considered a coffeebreak roguelike. It is only basically finished, and probably will not be developed anymore. The game mimics Diablo's rules to the letter (except for realtime).

This particular remake may be significant to some, because many flame wars have been fought on whether Diablo is a roguelike or not. Well, DiabloRL surely is.

Due to the 7 day time constraint of the contest, the game offers content similar to Diablo's pre-release demo — there is only the "Warrior" class, there are only 4 big levels to explore, and the game ends when you kill the Butcher.

Versions and platforms

Written in Free Pascal, DiabloRL is only available for Windows. The current version is most certainly not to be updated at any time.

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