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|status = worked alpha
|status = worked alpha
|released = 2014-07-08
|released = 2014-07-08
|updated = v.0.22 on 2014-08-17
|updated = v.0.23 on 2014-09-07
|licensing = freeware Closed Source
|licensing = freeware Closed Source
|language = PHP javascript
|language = PHP javascript

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Demon Tactic
Developer Anohin Denis
Theme Fantasy
Influences Adom, Drakefire Chasm
Status worked alpha
Released 2014-07-08
Updated v.0.23 on 2014-09-07
Licensing freeware Closed Source
P. Language PHP javascript
Platforms Playable only online via browser.
Interface Tile-based
Game Length ~4 hours
Official site of Demon Tactic


This is fantasy turn-based roguelike with one character to control. Race of main hero always is demon warlord. This demon trapped in infinite dungeon and can make achieve one of the goals: become king of one of the factions; escape from infinite dungeon; become a god. Game can be played only via internet with browser here: http://demon-tactic.com/. There are was used many tiles from Battle For Wesnoth game. There are also much of poor translation to english.


  • Your moral decisions make difference: some factions will help you and some become your enemies;
  • Hard tactical battles with minimum of random influence;
  • Combination of random and pre-created scenarios and maps;
  • You are not killing machine, sometimes you must retreat and always play cautiously.

Monster abilities

Monster abilities are pretty numerous and different. There are classical:

  • poison damage over time;
  • stunning and confusing attacks;
  • ally summoning etc.

But also there are some rare used (and maybe unique) skills:

  • explosion with fire or water after death;
  • idiot (unit is always confused);
  • return (like angels in Doctor Who)
  • and others.

Races / factions

There are 20 races that have their own goals, allies and enemies with each other. Hero can become ally with any of them by helping them and fighting with their enemies.

  • New order;
  • Holy church;
  • Vampires;
  • Orc Legion;
  • Free farmers;
  • Saurians;
  • Dwarves;
  • Antiquum Cult;
  • Demons;
  • Devils;
  • Neutrals;
  • Dark Legion;
  • Necromancers;
  • Dark elves;
  • Fiends;
  • Steel hive;
  • Mages Guild;
  • Hexapod Swarm;
  • Evil;
  • Hero army.

Some screenshots:

002.png 006.png 010.png 014.png