Dead Man Walking

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|status = Released
|status = Released
|released = 1.0a March 17th, 2013
|released = 1.0a March 17th, 2013
|updated = 1.2b May 30th, 2013
|updated = 1.3a September 21st, 2013
|licensing =
|licensing =
|language = Python 2.7
|language = Python 2.7

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Dead Man Walking
Developer Andrew Wright (aka roocey)
Theme Dark Fantasy
Influences N/A
Status Released
Released 1.0a March 17th, 2013
Updated 1.3a September 21st, 2013
P. Language Python 2.7
Platforms Windows
Interface Keyboard
Game Length Coffeebreak
Official site of Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking is a Roguelike where the goal is to manage two separate hit point pools: a temporary one that's constantly in flux and a permanent one. If you run out of willpower (permanent HP), you lose!

[edit] Features

  • Dual HP
  • Quick start gameplay
  • Champion monsters
  • An increasingly large pool of bosses with special mechanics
  • A new area that change the rules of the game
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