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|projects = World Domination
|projects = World Domination
|games = [[ToME]], [[ODE]], [[T-Engine]]
|games = [[ToME]], [[ODE]], [[T-Engine]]
|site = [http://t-o-m-e.net]
|site = http://t-o-m-e.net

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Alias The God That Is Dark
Projects World Domination
Games ToME, ODE, T-Engine
Nationality French
P. Languages C, Lua
Official site of DarkGod

He is the author and maintainer of ToME.

Currently he is striving toward getting ToME 3.0.0 released as to let the world be flooded by T-Engine modules!

Along with Slash he also (re)started the RogueBasin wiki.

He also has an user page on the ToME wiki, which is about as much empty as this one...

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