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|interface = [[ASCII]]  (Using [[Libtcod | LibTCOD]])
|interface = [[ASCII]]  (Using [[Libtcod | LibTCOD]])
|length =
|length =
|site =
|site =  
Currently undergoing a complete rewrite in [[Cpp | C++]] due to a gain in courage and using [[Libtcod | LibTCOD]].
Moved to a new URL with a proper [ Trac database] and [ SVN access] (No "real" SSL certs, so you will get a warning).
Currently looks something like this (this is the "last" [[Python]] version - the [[Cpp | C++]] version is almost at this point - no FOV smoothing, but it has doors! Woohoo! Ahem, sorry.):

Latest revision as of 15:43, 14 November 2016

Alpha Project
Developer Scautura
Theme Sci-fi/Cyberpunk
Influences crashRun, Crawl, CP2020
Released 2008 Jul 04
Updated 2009 May 24 (debug)
Licensing GPL v3
P. Language C++ with LibTCOD and Boost
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII (Using LibTCOD)
Game Length
[ Official site of CyberRogue]
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