Cthulu Angband

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Angband Variant
Developer David Thornley, previously Dean Anderson
Based on ZAngband 2.1.0e
Theme Horror/Fantasy
Released 1999
Updated 4.1.0, on 22nd October 2000
Download Source, Windows, Other; Mirror

Official site

CthAngband is an unmaintained Angband variant written by David Thornley and set in H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands. Some of the new features of CthAngband include new races, classes and a skill system, where skills can be improved by using them. Because CthAngband is set in the Dreamlands, it features a whole new world of dungeons and dungeon guardians.

Kieron Dunbar took his many patches for CthAngband and turned them into a variant, sCthAngband, which continues CthAngband's spirit.

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