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Alpha Project
Developer ywg.dana
Theme cyberpunk
Influences Angband, Nethack (in terms of RLs I play a lot)
Released 2008 May 24
Updated 2008 May 26
Licensing GNU GPL
P. Language Python + SDL (PyGame)
Platforms Multi-platform
Interface ASCII
Game Length Short-ish
Official site of crashRun

crashRun started off as an entry in the Orange October Minigun 7DRL Contest 2006. Or rather, Orange October was an excuse to begin work on it.

The most recent version is 0.2.1.

The player controls a crash runner - a sort of combination of hacker and saboteur - who is tasked with infiltrating an abandoned military complex in order to destroy an AI that has gone rogue and is threatening to destroy humankind. Oh, and the player has only a limited time to complete his mission before the Department of Defense will nuke the complex from orbit.

crashRun is based off code written originally for Wa, but is far smaller in scope (and less intimidating for the devloper...).

crashRun is implemented in Python, and uses Pygame for its interface.

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