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Cosmic Commando
Alpha Project
Developer zasvid
Theme Space Opera
Influences Mass Effect
Released September 15, 2012
Licensing Freeware / Open-source (GPL 3)
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length
Official site of Cosmic Commando

Cosmic Commando is a game in early stage of developement set in a space opera setting. You're a brave cosmic commando who fights forces of bloodthirsty syndicate ruled by mysterious Lady Raven. For now the commando (armed with several different weapons) can walk around a nondescript dungeon and fight some baddies. Features planned for the future include: a nonstandard approach to advancement in the game; optional action mode that adds real time pressure to turn based gaming (think Tetris); character customization; cover-based shooting mechanics.

You can download the game from here: [1]

Any suggestions for the future releases and/or bug reports are welcome! Send them to: zasvid at gee mail dot com.

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