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A console roguelike is a roguelike game that can be played on a video game console without installing a Linux distribution such as Xbox Linux or PS2 Linux on the device.

All known console roguelikes are commercial games. You may be able to find them on Ebay. If you cannot find the games right away, try using Ebay's e-mail alerts feature so that you are notified as soon as your game of choice is put up for sale on Ebay. Before buying a Japanese game, ask around to make sure it will work with your game system and local television standard.

List of console roguelikes

Sega Genesis / Mega Drive


Super Famicom


Playstation 2

  • The Nightmare of Druaga combines the characters and mythology behind Namco's Arcade Game "The Tower of Druaga" with roguelike features in the tradition of the Mysterious Dungeon series.
  • Disgaea and its sequel, Disgaea 2 are part of a series of Tactical RPGs that feature an area known as "The Item World" wherein every item in the game can be accessed as a randomized, somewhat-roguelike 100-level dungeon complete with enemies, Treasures and other surprises.

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  • the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance sections on the List of handheld roguelikes. It should be possible to play those games on a GameCube using the Game Boy Player accessory made by Nintendo.

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