Collateral Souls

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Collateral Souls
Beta Project
Developer jedislight
Theme Modern Fantasy, Afterlife, Angels vs Demons
Influences Demon Souls, X-Com
Released Spet. 2015 (7 day project)
Updated Jan 22, 2016
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language GML
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 20 minutes
[ Official site of Collateral Souls]
Collateral Souls is a coffeebreak roguelike

Collateral Souls is a roguelike game meant to be quick to play and easy to pick up. Battle your way through an unexpected afterlife – hunted by angels and demons alike. Modern weapons like rifles and shotguns add a unique ranged combat system not seen by many games of the genre. Ascend mortal ability and use divine weaponry for your own survival. Die again. Repeat. Who said the afterlife didn’t have an afterlife?



  • Ranged combat system
  • Simple controls
  • Perk system with branching options and over 40 perks
  • Progression based healing - no boring rest key spamming!
  • Nemesis system brings old enemies back in future games
  • 9 Starting Background perks that drastically alter gameplay
  • 2d lighting and FX over ACSII play area
  • Lore boxes that add depth to the world and provide risky gambles; some boxes curse you and others provide boons
  • Environment themes such as mountains, dungeon, forest
  • User customizable tiles
  • Challenge Mode with Daily Challenge Seeds

Progression Based Healing

Health regeneration is critical resource in most roguelikes. Collateral Souls uses progression to gate health regeneration, providing large bursts of health each time you reach a new floor. This eliminates any repetitive or automated resting mechanics and forces players into a risk reward decision between clearing a floor for XP and skipping out early to heal up.

Single Roll Combat System

The combat system in Collateral Souls is based off of a single roll utilizing it for accuracy and damage combined. The system functions as follows: Attack Roll = accuracy + d100 - armor - cover(ranged only) - range penalties(ranged only)

Positive values become the percent damage dealt, so an attack roll of 90% and a base damage of 10 will do 9 damage. Negative numbers have a chance to glance (dealing 1 damage) or miss entirely. The chance to miss is the absolute value of the attack roll. So an attack roll of -25% has a 25% chance to miss and a 75% chance to glance



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