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|site =
|site =
|genre = Quest
|genre = Quest
|licensing = Disk image only
|licensing = MIT License
|interface = Keyboard
|interface = Keyboard
|length = very short
|length = very short

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Developer Purpleflayer
Theme Cute
Influences Cutesy pictures of baby chicks
Released 2009 Mar 15
Updated 2009 Mar 15
Licensing MIT License
P. Language C
Platforms Commodore 64
Interface Keyboard
Game Length very short
Official site of Chickhack

This game was Purpleflayer's entry for the 2009 7DRL programming challenge



Chickhack is a very "cheep" roguelike game that runs on the Commodore 64 platform.

You are a young chick warrior from your village. A terrible drought has caused all your village's crops to dry up, and there is a risk of famine! So, your village elder asked you to search for the fabled Sacred Grove in the distant mountains, where the Seed of Life is rumoured to lie.


  • It might be the only roguelike on the C64 :)
  • combat with beak, throwing twigs, and magic flowers
  • 16 different types of monsters
  • 18 different types of item
  • special "grove" level (OK it is not that special but it looks pretty)
  • You can run it on lots and lots of systems using an emulator! Look at for an example.


None available yet.


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