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== Links ==
== Links ==
* [ Official feature information]
* [ Thangorodrim information page]
* [ Thangorodrim information page]
* [ FuryTech's CathAngband wiki page]
* [ FuryTech's CathAngband wiki page]

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Cat and the Hack Angband
Angband Variant
Developer Evan Jenkins (
Based on Angband 3.0.3
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Released 3.0.3, on 12th September, 2003
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Download Official, Mirror

Official site

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Cat and the Hack Angband is an entertaining variant. It contains new races, modified combat, allows slays and brands to be gained when using items other than weapons.


CatHAngband was originally written by "Neko", based on the then-current Angband, version 2.9.1 In 2003, Evan Jenkins announced his intention to port it to a mode modern codebase, which was completed and released in September 2003. There has been no activity since.


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