Bone to be Wild

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Bone to be Wild: Summoning Gone Wrong
Developer DarkGod
Theme Being evil
Influences None
Released 22/10/2006
P. Language Lua
Platforms T-Engine
Interface ASCII
Game Length small
Official site of Bone to be Wild: Summoning Gone Wrong


Chapter I: Summoning Gone Wrong

A crazy, inexperienced, necromancer tries to summon an undead, but the spell fails and the undead is released from the necromancer will.

That undead is you!

You set out to explore your surroundings, and to conquer the world, because somehow deep down you feel that it is what undeads do.

So you start collecting souls.


You can download the game on the link given on this page or just run the T-Engine and download it from there.

More information

Please see this page for more information and if you need to make a bug report.

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