Ascii Wilderness

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Ascii Wilderness
Alpha Project
Developer Russell A.
Theme Survival
Influences UnReal World, Terraria, Minecraft, Fallout
Released 2011
Licensing Public Domain
P. Language Lua
Game Length
Official site of Ascii Wilderness

Ascii Wilderness is a roguelike by Russell A. written in the language Lua using the Slang graphics library, aiming at wilderness and possibly post apocalyptic survival in the spirit of the game UnReal World, terraria, minecraft, and fallout. released to the public in 12.22.2011, the code is Public Domain for community use - so lua programmers knock yourselves out. If you use it for your own project, please keep it public domain! For the future of humanity and videogames everywhere!

Current Version: Pre-Alpha: Minor features implemented.

See this site to download: Ascii Wilderness Homepage

--Current Features:

--Game is Pre-Alpha but stable, expect a few crashes and some minor graphics glitches.

--Deers herd according to sound... Ghouls hear sound and wake up and pathfind towards the thing that made the sound.

--Sleepiness, Sickness, Hunger, Thirst up and running!

--Lamps and torches that work properly at your start location (except for bullseye lantern). Light the wick, open and close the shutter, and adjust the wick (to increase or decrease light and fuel burned).

--Deer that herd and sometimes individuals become stragglers...

--pickup and equip a bow and fire an arrow to kill a deer, use a knife on the corpse to acquire meat.

--Due to a new flurry of recent programming, many minor features are being rewritten so expect some new behavior as some code is years+ old.

--Planned features:

--processor-friendly animal and plant "ecology" simulation. Deer eat grass, grass regrows. Next, wolves eat deer, deer breed and pass on features to young. Some pretty simple rules could create a lot of fun variety in the game world!

--Crafting of all kinds of items in the spirit of Sammi Marannen's Unreal World and Minecraft and Terraria etc.

--Agriculture and animal husbandry with a balance of realism and fun playability.

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