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|influences = Wing Commander: Privateer
|influences = Wing Commander: Privateer
|released = Sep 14, 2007 (0.1)
|released = Sep 14, 2007 (0.1)
|updated = March 12, 2012 (
|updated = January 22, 2016 (0.7.2)
|licensing = Freeware, Closed Source
|licensing = Freeware, Closed Source
|language = FreePascal, SDL
|language = FreePascal, SDL
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<BR>Boarding an enemy ship.
<BR>Boarding an enemy ship.
[[Category:Featured Roguelikes]]
[[Category:Featured Roguelikes]] [[Category:Open ended roguelikes]]

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Ascii Sector
Beta Project
Developer Christian Knudsen
Theme Science Fiction, Space, Economics/Trading
Influences Wing Commander: Privateer
Released Sep 14, 2007 (0.1)
Updated January 22, 2016 (0.7.2)
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language FreePascal, SDL
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Open ended
Official site of Ascii Sector

Ascii Sector is a space trading and combat game with a few RPG elements. Combat in space is realtime, while character combat on the ground or on board a spaceship is turn-based. Players can earn credits to upgrade their ship, either by trading goods, taking on missions or pirating. The game currently has no plot, but players can create their own quests to share with other players using a relatively simple script syntax and the built-in quest compiler. There are plans to add an overarching plot and endgame, which will see the player getting involved in shady business and finally building up his own fleet to take over the entire game universe.

Flying by a planet.

Charting a course on the nav map.

Walking around on a starbase.

Trading goods at the commodity exchange.

Boarding an enemy ship.

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