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Angband Variant
Developer Ernest Huang (
Based on Angband 2.9.3
Theme Fantasy/Anime
Released 0.6.0a on 22nd November 2006
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Official site

Animeband is an animé-themed variant of Angband, with references to dozens of different animé series and video games. Its primary language is Japanese, although versions are later ported into English.

On March 31, 2008, Ernest Huang announced his retirement from maintaining Animeband on, naming phatehon_h as his successor.


All of the classes and races from Angband (and most of the monsters) have been changed. For example, races include DBZ Saiyajins and Androids, Moogles from the Final Fantasy series, and 'Hententmons' (a combination of hentai tentacle beasts and Pokémon). Classes include your typical adventuring classes, as well as off-the-wall classes like Students and Cosplayers.

A new type of character tier, the 'groove', has been added in parallel to the class and race. This groove gives a modest bonus, an almost as modest penalty, and adds a method for the character to fill his 'meter.' For example, the Sand groove adds several attack bonuses and fills the meter whenever damage is dealt or received, but it increases damage received and decreases damage dealt.

Vehicles are a new feature added to Animeband, but if the vehicle dies with the player in it, the player dies as well.